Are E-cigarettes Healthy?

An electronic cigarette (or e-cigarette) is a product that is used similarly to tobacco products.

An electronic cigarette is a battery-powered device, the purpose of which is to evaporate the chemical mixture contained in a capsule and deliver its evaporation products to the user’s airways or a vaper. Evaporation of substances occurs at high temperatures. Chemical blends may or may not contain nicotine. In addition, capsules contain propylene glycol, glycerin, flavors and flavorings (for example, menthol, cherry, coffee, cinnamon, chocolate), as well as carcinogens (such as formaldehyde, acetaldehyde, etc.). Nicotine-containing fluids for refilling e-cigarettes are certainly not safe for health, because nicotine is a dangerous neurotoxin that causes addiction.

Scientists at the University of Tartu confirm that the use of electronic cigarettes in the body triggers processes similar to smoking conventional cigarettes, which increases the risk of contracting the same diseases whose risk factors are regular cigarettes – chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases (COPD), respiratory infections and lung cancer .[1]

There are no data on the long-term health effects of e-cigarettes due to the fact that this is a relatively recent invention. Summarizing the research results complicates the fact that products are not standardized and the concentration of chemicals varies. Since we do not know the long-term effects of electronic cigarettes on the body, we recommend refraining from using them in order to avoid potential risks. If you need support and assistance in quitting smoking, we recommend using safer methods of nicotine replacement therapy or prescription drugs that your tobacco smoking counselor will recommend or write to you.

According to the law, possession of electronic cigarettes, their sale and use in the case of minors is prohibited. This is a product that is used in a manner similar to tobacco products that is harmful to health, and thanks to the sweet taste and various adaptability options for the user (mixing liquids, choosing the power of the device), it is easily advertised among young people.

Health effects of e-cigarettes [2] [3]

Electronic cigarettes, which use nicotine-containing fluids, release the same amount of nicotine as regular cigarettes, and it enters the lungs and the human circulatory system. Nicotine is a highly addictive substance.
Manufacturers of electronic cigarettes have adopted the term “vaping” (eng. – letting in steam) to make the vaper feel that it is as if it were not about smoking. In fact, the human body reacts to an electronic cigarette in almost the same way as an ordinary one.
The decomposition products of nicotine have an extensive effect on the respiratory tract. In addition, they increase the risk of cancer and cardiovascular diseases, affect the development of the brain in young people and reduce the quality of sperm.
When e-cigarettes are consumed, they inhale compounds that cause oxidative stress and cancer. In an electronic cigarette, such compounds are actually less than in a normal one, but still enough to cause a disease.
Based on animal tests, it turned out that the use of an electronic cigarette during pregnancy has an effect on the fetus that is similar to traditional smoking. Influence affects both the weight of the child and the development of his lungs and brain.
Liquid for filling electronic cigarettes are toxic to the cells of the human body, and the degree of toxicity depends on the concentration of nicotine, and on what flavors and flavoring agents are included in their composition. For example, fillers with the taste of cinnamon and tobacco turned out to be more dangerous than others.
The use of electronic cigarettes contributes to difficulty breathing, inflammation of the respiratory tract and reduce the ability of the immune system to resist viruses.
In the vapor of electronic cigarettes particles of various metals were found. For example, iron, silver, tin, nickel, aluminum, copper, lead and chromium.
Studies have shown that the vapor exhaled by using an electronic cigarette contains not only water, but also, depending on the product, various toxins and nicotine. For this reason, preventive measures should be taken against the potential risks associated with electronic cigarettes, both among vapers and among the people around them.

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