Nicotine Dosage Guide

Active substance Nicotine Similar preparations Dosage Form: transdermal therapeutic system Composition: Each TTC 7 mg / day (patch 10 cm2, No. 3) contains: Active ingredient: nicotine 17.5 mg. The average amount of nicotine released into the skin is 7 mg over 24 hours. Each TTC 14 mg / […]

How To Choose The Right E-cigarette?

HOW TO CHOOSE ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE – RECOMMENDATIONS AND ADVICE ON SELECTION The fashion for smoking is gradually losing its momentum, and the smoking girl no longer seems so stylish and “cool.” Yes, and kissing a man who just smoked a cigarette is something else a “pleasure.” Yes, it […]

Facts You Didn’t Know About E-cigarettes

The first E-cigarettes were made in China and were introduced to the US market in 2007. Many of them look like regular tobacco cigarettes with their appearance. But a look inside is enough to see the main difference: This product is free for tobacco. E-cigarettes are really evaporators, […]

Are E-cigarettes Healthy?

E-cigarette An electronic cigarette (or e-cigarette) is a product that is used similarly to tobacco products. An electronic cigarette is a battery-powered device, the purpose of which is to evaporate the chemical mixture contained in a capsule and deliver its evaporation products to the user’s airways or a […]